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Post by Sal on Thu 08 Jan 2009, 4:53 am

Not many auteurs in Bollywood adapt spellbinding stage plays for it happens to be an empaling speculation. Perhaps, there were few amongst many who spelled adaptations on screens getting ennobled as 'no-hopers'. Well, if you're seeking for an illustration, Rituparno Ghosh's 'The Last Lear' adapted from Utpal Dutt's 'Aajker Shehanshah' would be the best one to glimpse upon. And not too longer, you've Maharathi – an adaptation of Uttam Gada's Gujarati play with same title. Aren't there are any filmmakers who can metamorphose best plays into best ones, not as blemishing piece of work?

Alas! You'll call Shivam Nair into question about this and Maharathi disappoints to uttermost. Precisely, there's lot of perplexed approach among filmmakers in distinguishing between play and film.

Not just about discerning film 'n' play, watch 'Maharathi' without comparisons and even then there's no room for singing praises for this flick. If Maharathi is so-called suspense-thriller, there's nothing off that substance we retrieve to our senses. Couple of reasons do make us feel so; lots of loopholes and absurdity in plotlines.

Subhash (Paresh Rawal) has spent the last 10 years unsuccessfully trying to get acting parts in films. He makes ends meet by his uncanny ability to think on his feet committing small time cons on unsuspecting victims.

One night he saves a man's life, to do so he puts his own at risk. He accompanies the injured man back home. Subhash is awe struck at the grandeur and affluence of Mr. Adenwalla. (Nasserudin Shah) Subhash realizes this may lead to a generous tip.

Soon enough Subhash is hired by the grateful Adenwalla as his driver. The wife Mallika Adenwalla (Neha Dhupia) resents Subhash for his proximity to her husband and senses this man taking advantage of her husband.

Subhash now firmly ensconced in Adenwallas house and heart discovers his wife's evil designs. On the other hand, Adenwalla, driven to the point of insanity by his money hungry wife decides to take the ultimate revenge. He puts his wife in a catch 22 situation by throwing down a challenge.

Subhash recognizes this as an opportunity to rid him-self of a life time of middle class mediocrity and poverty. He collaborates with Mallika to acquire all the money and property.

Working hand in glove, they get a caretaker (Tara Sharma) with the help of their family lawyer (Boman Irani) to be a witness to an ailing Mr. Adenwallas presence in the house which they concoct their plans.

Several thrilling situations arise in their plan, ranging from false alibis, double-crossing, phony kidnappings to hidden agendas which wreck havoc all around.

But even the best laid plans can go awry and this brings ACP Gokhale (Om Puri) and Inspector Borkar (Vivek Shaw) into the picture.

How the scheming Subhash gets trapped in his own lies and how he finally manages to save his skin, forms the crux of the story.

Flimsy in substance, Maharathi is in-circled with nettlesome attributes of ambiguities on every plot. Naseeruddin Shah leaving his will for Paresh Rawal could've been justified if both of them were so close. Well, Director Shivam Nair fails to establish proximity between these characterizations and suddenly exposing a surprise is something we call 'inconceivable'. By and large, we have our auteur conking out with whacky factors like unconvincing death of Neha. Boman Hirani's character carries off with grandeur but it's diminished during next-to-last minutes of flick. Of course, there's whole lot of commendable vistas in Maharathi but these discrepant elements eclipse over them.

Nothing to blame on star-casts for everyone on cards are brimmed with stunning performance. What else can you say when we have biggies Naseeruddin, Paresh and Om Puri are there on show. 'Awesome', 'Marvelous' and put forth your best appraisals for them and Boman Hirani is no exception. Neha Dupia spells a matured performance and it's an unforeseen piece of work on her part. Nevertheless, Tara Sharma and Vivek Shaug don't exceed our expectations.

Venu's cinematography is laudable while background score enhances the visual quality of thriller genre.

As a whole, Maharathi turns entire spotlights on its side with colossal performance of star-casts. Nevertheless, a perfect script is overshadowed by an insubstantial screenplay turning down the show.

Verdict: Watch it for biggies' performance
Rating: 40/100


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