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Post by Sal on Thu 08 Jan 2009, 6:58 am

'Oh My God! Is this what this film is about', is your first reaction as you watch this film. With BHEJA FRY and DASVIDANIYA, Vinay Pathak has created a niche for himself, but with OH MY GOD he has nullified whatever interest he has garnered for his brand of cinema.

If God is reduced to doing what Saurabh Shukla is asked to do in this film, then God save us all. You know this film is a pointless exercise within the first reel. Since I had paid money to get into the theatre and am morally bound to you readers to give you an honest feedback, I endured the agonizing stay in the theatre. If I had no responsibility of this sort, I would have left the theatre much before the interval.

I would not wish a torture of this magnitude and a strain on the pocket of any viewer. I'm sure even God would not want you venture out to see this film.

Rating: 0/100 (FAIL FAIL FAIL)


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