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Post by Sal on Thu 08 Jan 2009, 4:55 am

Most hunky-dory of his kind, Dibakar Banerjee shored up on grounds of Bollywood with enticing debut 'Khosla Ka Ghosla'. And now, we've the winner back with a flick with ostentatious theme partially inspired by real life incidents. Blending a rigid tale with exquisite quotients of entertainment turns entire spotlights on it course of show. Well, Khosla Ka Ghosla blatantly revolved around on the motif; sometimes the only way to stop a criminal is to become one. And over here, Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye is a scrumptious tale of a top-charting thief who is ill-famed yet a ducky lad for cops in town. Fine! It's gonna be sang-froid entertainer on the buttons while film buffs would be brimmed with pinch of annoyance for clich├ęd plotlines of a normal innocent lad transubstantiating into a Chor.

It's acceptable since we have blobbed many of leading Bachchans, Khans and Kumars on similar roles and Deol needn't be an elision. What to say about Abhay Deol? On the hooks of a nerveless thief, he strides spelling a matured performance with ne plus ultra. Despites Paresh Rawal getting on with plushy performance on triple roles, Abhay exserts with his fantabulous show with an ease not letting Paresh to eclipse him.

Well, Dibakar has been keen on naming his flicks with unique titles that pulls everyone's interest. 'Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye', not exactly a nickname but everyone in Delhi calls someone whose name is Lucky so. And again director had jocularly uttered his words, 'It's a film that'll be loved by thieves and wanna be thieves'. Precisely as mentioned earlier, the film is a cool drive of 130mins slackening your tensed moods.

Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye is a story of Lucky Singh (Abhay Deol) who plays a loveable thief, someone who even the Delhi police are extremely fond of. His modus operandi is to outsmart the people, chowkidars and policemen with his sharp mind and wit. He is an aspiring individual who loves the good things in life and is generally enamored by the lifestyles of the rich and affluent Delhi families.

Lucky's journey from a middle class boy to a popular thief turns him into a flamboyant playboy who now wants more than just the riches. Amidst of his jocund ambience, the story gets back to distressed Childhood days of Lucky Singh where he was constantly bruised by his dad (Paresh Rawal). Of course, what urged Lucky an innocent chap turning into a smart thief is unveiled. Later, a grown-up Lucky with luxurious props has a monger Gogi Bhai (Paresh Rawal again) who keeps buying them. With times advancing, now he needs the respect, the social standing of a city gentleman without sacrificing that reckless freedom he cherishes (the duality of having the freedom to steal).

On narration, Dibakar Banerjee propels with good screenplay coalesced with lots of drolleries in the first hour while it's about experiencing a sluggish show in latter part. The auteur could've impinged with initial scenarios in the following hours too that wouldn't have scattered everyone's attention.

From his debut flick to Oye Lucky, Abhay has lots of convincing factors in his performance. Paresh Rawal sways splendidly on his characterizations and you'll love him on all 3 Avatars. It's a complete show by Abhay and Paresh while rest of the star-casts fails to make it big. Especially, Neetu Chandra appears with her good efforts but doesn't have enough scope. A commendable performance by Archana Puransingh while others don't hit spotlights as there is no importance drawn on them. Manjot Singh as young Lucky deserves good appreciations for his decent efforts.

Getting with technical aspects, Music Director Sneha Khanwalkar doesn't deliver a laudable score and Dibakar should've focused on these vistas of music as well background scores. Karthik Vijay's cinematography is over the top; be it pragmatic Delhi or cool-exotic locales of Manali canned, they're praiseworthy.

On the whole, Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye is a cute flick offered by Dibakar Banerjee. With Abhay Deol and Paresh Rawal dangling with trenchant performances and an interesting theme should pull in more audiences in coming weeks. Perhaps, Dibakar can earnestly thank the real life Cool-Chor of Delhi who inspired him penning this script. With previous week releases getting down from charts and no biggies in forthcoming weeks, producers can chill-out singing 'Lucky, Lucky -We're Lucky'. Hope, Sneha would score better tunes for it.

Verdict: Be a part in getting robbed


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